Twelve Million Five Hundred United States Dollars only($US12,500,000.00) or CAN I BE RICH?

Well a few days ago I got the email bellow on my mailbox.

Well no doubt this is a junk mail, but actually they are improving. They don’t just send you the letter, they place your name like it was addressed to you.

And after talking about it with some friends they said It deserved a blogpost about it. it is.

Not everyday a virtual person became a millionaire… and well if its not me (eheh) maybe someone knows the rich relatives of Mr. Freddy Ewry and send an answer to Mr. Victor.

“Dear  Afrodite Ewry

I am Barr.Victor Igala,a solicitor at law and a personal attorney to Late Mr.Freddy Ewry, a national of your country herein after shall be referred to as my client. My client worked as an independent contractor here in Lome Togo.

On the 21st of April 2003 my client, his wife and their only daughter were involved in a car accident along Nouvissi express Road and all occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost there lives.Since then I have made several enquiries to locate any of my clients extended relatives this has also prove unsuccessfull.

I have contacted you to assist in repartrating fund valued at Twelve Million Five Hundred United States Dollars only($US12,500,000.00) left behind by my client with a security finance firm before it gets confisicated or declared unserviceable by the Finance Firm where this amount were deposited…

The management of the finance firm has issued me a notice that as the attorney to Mr.Freddy(Late), I should be able to  present a next of kin so that they the fund left behind in their custody should be released.

Ever since then, I have made several attempts to locate any of his cousins or next of kin so that they will come forward to put in claims to the said fund but unfortunately, I am still unable to locate anybody as the supposed next of kin died along with him.

After several unsuccessful attempts to trace any of his relatives, I decided to track his last name over the internet in search of his cousins hence I contacted you.  In this regard, I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin and I assure you a successful transaction that will not last longer than necessary as  I will protect you from any breach of the law.

Once I ascertain your willingness, I will furnish you with more information.


Victor Igala Esq.
Principal Attorney,
Igala & Associates”


3 Responses to “Twelve Million Five Hundred United States Dollars only($US12,500,000.00) or CAN I BE RICH?”

  1. Tom Humes Says:

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. Elora Says:

    Também sou tua sobrinha, não sou?

  3. Afro Says:

    El… sobrinha de qual dos parentes? 😛


    (bem jeito dava agora uma família rica ;P)

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