Well… too late to go back.

One thougt one day, one act on the next day.

Now Tagus friends have a “corner” to meet off world too. Not on this blog, that will ne used mostly to promotion and events.
But if you go to Tagus Friends Weblog , you will find a place for all of us chat, chat, chat… or blog, blog, blog… a place where you can be an author and contribute. Reflexions, opinions, critics… use it as your personnal blog, if you want too… questions and topics about real or virtual life, the surrounding worlds… in english, portuguese or any other language (would be fun have something posted on Chinese ;)… it really would make me learn some words of it… )

Hope you liked the idea… All your suggestions are welcome (and I’m kind newbie on blogging 😉 … And if you want to have your page there, just IM me with your email of an wordpress account 😉

And let’s make that a corner to see eacher in and off world, on this or other virtual world, through all places and countries (and islands, and skyboxes ;))…

Best kisses…and I hope to see you there frequently. 😉

Afro (Tagus Next Door Goddess)


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