Are you an artist? Are you an event planner/organizer? Are you a Tagus friend?

This is a personal post and in this post I’m not speaking in behalf of the group members. But I am the owner of the blog, so I think I have the right to express myself as I want here :). So just let me say this.

We all know there are different venues on SL. And a lot of then, very good. I have two of them (sorry for the advertise part ;)). But I love getting around SL goin’ to other places venues, if I like then and/or if a friend is playing.

I’m not at all surprised if my clubs are empty sometimes, if I dont schedule something there. Beeing staff at Tagus is not a full time job, it comes from the heart… when you want. SO I set up both of the places to make them confortable and lovin’ all the time, even when nothing scheduled. Dont you know the pleasure of dancing alone with someone on a beautiful place with the music you choose?

All this just to you understand my point of view. I DO like go to others places. I LOVE when someone I know (SL or SLP friend) perform at a venue. I try to “keep up” on the events others friends schedule and organize (fashion, live music, art, etc..). I do not want or try to have a big party everyday. I prefer YOU to do a big party at my place everyday. Why? Cause I have a life…well, two to be exact… and I dont want to spend all my time at my clubs… 🙂

So why this post? I invite you to become one of my friends. Join Tagus group on SL, and let me know what are your scheduled events for the next weeks. If you have a google calendar, give me the link to be updated.

Besides TAGUS events, I started to place on the calendar bellow events from others places. All of them are events from SL or SLP friends, or events organized by a Tagus group member, or organized by a friend of a Tagus group member (Big network here ;)), according to the info they supplied on their own calendars.

I think we all have the right to choose where to go and what to see on SL. If you do NOT want do have you event or calendar added here, just let me know and I’ll take it away. If you have an event to add, join Tagus group on SL, or if you are already a Tagus friend, give me the slurl, date and time and a short description. I’ll try to add it. Give me your webpage/blog to add it to our friend pages too…

Ocasionally, I will send an in world notice for some of the events. Not too many… I hate group spam too…SO just keep on checking this page and the calendar to be updated 🙂 …

Hope you dont mind this post. TAGUS is not an group created to promote TAGUS clubs. Is a (BIG) network of friends, with different tastes and choices… and I would love to meet you all in world… become one of Tagus friends and pay me a visit sometime too ;).

Kisses & Hugs,
your friend,


3 Responses to “Are you an artist? Are you an event planner/organizer? Are you a Tagus friend?”

  1. Afro Says:

    Well…besides the calendar on we can check this calendar also through the link on the page SL EVENTS OF TAGUS FRIENDS (on the page list and…
    If you are friend of an artist, just give me the SL Name and some more info (google calendar, blog, net space) to add it to our artists list ;)…

  2. ElectroescadaS Says:

    Preciso dum tradutor…

  3. Afro Says: post todo sorry mas demasiado para traduzir… 😉 Do comentário e em resumo…
    Existe um calendário de eventos SL com as festas do Tagus em ;
    esse mesmo calendário tem um link na página deste blog…
    E se fores amigo de um artista (cantor, pintor, etc…) SL (ou RL) dá-me o nome SL, página ou blog para se juntar à lista de artistas do blog e os respectivos eventos ao calendário…

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